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Another celebrity divorce: Jessica Simpson's parents divorcing in Texas

  • 25
  • October

After being separated for some time, Jessica Simpson's parents are getting a divorce. "It has been known they weren't 'together,'" one friend of the family said, "but it seemed more a marriage of convenience."

Tina Simpson filed the Texas divorce on September 24 on the general grounds of "discord or conflict of personalities." While a family representative has said that it is an amicable split, Joe stated that Tina should not receive additional financial support in his response to the divorce papers. Joe is Jessica Simpson's manager.

The couple has been married for 34 years, but the Simpson family is no stranger to divorce - both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have been divorced once.

Celebrity divorces are intriguing because they shed light into the humanity of celebrities and our own family-related challenges. As a society, we have come to understand divorce well, since many of us have been influenced by one or multiple divorces, whether they are our own divorces, our relatives' or our friends'.

Yet, we still consider celebrity divorces in a different light. Fighting over $1 million seems different from fighting over a couch. Even if the financial amounts are different, though, the emotions are the same. There can be as much - if not more - emotional value in a couch as there is in millions of dollars. In reality, besides the publicity, celebrity divorces are not much different from our own.

If you are going through a Texas divorce, you have every right to experience emotional turmoil, frustration and sadness. Divorce is a significant change, no matter how much money you have or how long you have been married. An experienced divorce lawyer can be your logical voice during this difficult time and help you make decisions now that lead toward a more positive future.

Source: Fox News, "Source: Jessica Simpson's parents had 'marriage of convenience' for some time," Hollie McKay, Oct. 25, 2012.

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