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If you are a medical professional involved in the ownership of a practice, or are considering establishing a medical practice or health care clinic in Texas, there are unique medical practice contracts that are important parts for operating a successful medical practice.

  • Medical director's agreement: A poorly written medical director's agreement with a hospital, emergency room, diagnostic lab, independent diagnostic testing facility and pharmacy can create problems if the agreement does not include all the necessary requirements and provisions under STARK and fraud and abuse laws. In addition, provisions regarding licensure, referrals, regulatory compliance and STARK rules for self-disclosure must also be clearly delineated and understood by all parties.
  • Relocation agreement: If the hospital service area has a need for a doctor of a certain specialty, the doctor may be offered to establish a solo practice or group within the hospital service area. The hospital will guarantee a certain fee until practice is up and running. We review and draft relocation agreements between doctor and hospital or doctor and medical group and hospital, if the doctor is joining an existing practice.
  • Physician employment agreement: Your practice will be best served if all licensed doctors and medical professionals serving your patients are under an employment contract that clearly specifies the parameters of their services. We place a significant focus on non-compete agreements on physician employment agreements.
  • Call coverage agreements: If your practice agrees to provide call coverage for a hospital or private emergency room, you will be best served to have a contract in place that stipulates the financial terms and schedule expectations of the services you provide. Hospitals often use these call coverage contracts to sneak in unrelated provisions that restrict the independent clinic from expanding or providing services within competing medical specialties or geographic regions.

Before you sign a medical service contract with a hospital, a medical group or practice, independent diagnostic testing facility, diagnostic lab, emergency room or insurance provider, talk to an attorney at Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon. With more than 25 years of Texas health care law experience, we have developed a reputation as one of Texas' prominent law firms for doctors and medical practices.

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