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If you are preparing for divorce, every decision matters - beginning with your choice of legal counsel. You need a lawyer you can talk to openly and trust for reliable guidance based on extensive experience in the courts.

Hear From
Our Clients:

Dear Ms. Cannon;
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your firm for your work on my recent divorce. Your professionalism and thorough handling of my case was so appreciated and very refreshing. You did your homework better than I had and truly opened my eyes to things I would have missed without your attention to detail. We prepared for the worst, hoped for the best and quite frankly, ended up as close to the best as could have been achieved. Beyond the great job you did though and perhaps the most important aspect of my want to say thank you is how I feel now and how I felt in your office. This brutal thing of divorce is tough and quite frankly, something I never want to go through again but y'all softened the blow for me through your care, concern, friendship and support. I've dealt with your firm forever it seems and the personal touch and caring way of it continues in you, Trey, Ms. Lori and all who I dealt with. Again, thank you so very much for your work on my case but more than that, for caring about me.

- James M.

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Ultimately, you may have to decide whether to fight, and how hard to fight, over complex issues that have a direct, far-reaching impact. If you have children, their lives are about to change, and this is your chance to shape your all-important role in their care and upbringing. You must also look out for yourself financially and seek outcomes that are just and right to avoid serious regrets.

Strong emotions are normal in this pivotal time. You may have every reason to be angry and want your attorney to strike hard, with authority, against a spouse you no longer trust. Alternatively, you may have no appetite for conflict and want your attorney to do everything possible to settle your case quickly so that you can move on. As dynamic negotiators and established trial lawyers, we will adapt our approach to match your most important goals.

Substantial Wealth and Assets on the Line? Make the Right Choice for Your Financial Future.

At Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C., we provide top-tier, full-service divorce representation for men and women throughout Texas. We are exceptionally prepared to handle complex property and financial issues. These are the types of issues that arise for doctors who own medical practices, lawyers who own legal practices, and the officers and directors of large, midsize and family-owned businesses. Our firm is the optimal choice for owners and executives, professional assets, other highly compensated individuals, and active and retired military service members and their spouses.

We have handled many cases requiring division of millions in extensive assets, including businesses and professional practices, high-value retirement accounts, multiple homes and other high-value property. To request a confidential consultation, call 866-398-1856or contact us online.

Rigorous Upfront Preparation of Your Case: There Is No Substitute

What is rigorous upfront preparation? One, we ensure that we have all relevant and hard-to-obtain documents. Two, we work hard at always being more prepared than the opposing side. Our lawyers are adept at knowing where to go to obtain the documents you need and how to use the right legal tools to obtain those documents - even documents that other people say cannot be found (like those that are overseas). And when it comes to preparation, this is where cases are won or lost. Preparing the proper valuations, as one example, can save thousands of dollars - in some cases, millions - for our clients.

Are Your Children's Needs and Future Your Most Critical Concerns?

If you have kids, you put their best interests first, and so will any Texas court. Your top-line priorities likely include establishing custody and visitation orders that keep you involved and influential in their lives. We will engage with you, genuinely care about your family and target outcomes that are both right for your children and workable for you.

You will hear terms such as conservatorship, possession and access. Cutting through this specialized language, we will help you focus on what really matters: establishing sustainable orders that provide the living arrangement and time with your children that you want. For our clients, this often involves looking well beyond any "standard" possession order and creating a customized parenting solution tailored to demanding work and travel schedules.

Do You Anticipate Paying or Receiving Spousal Maintenance?

There is nothing automatic about orders for what was once called alimony. When a relatively long-term marriage breaks down - especially if one spouse has been the primary earner and the other has focused on home and family - this can be a challenging issue to resolve.

Whether you want to avoid a burdensome spousal maintenance order or make certain you get all the financial support you deserve, our law firm is a premier resource precisely because of our years of experience supporting or defending the multiple factors below.

In general, these factors include:

  • Your current financial resources and means to provide for basic living necessities
  • Your level of education and marketable skills
  • How long you've been married
  • The age, employment history, earning potential and overall health of the spouse who is seeking support
  • The impact of child support payments on your ability to provide for personal basic living necessities
  • Whether community property was fraudulently or otherwise mishandled
  • What separate property was brought into the marriage
  • Whether one spouse helped the other to improve his or her earning potential (such as making tuition payments)
  • Whether one spouse stayed at home to raise children
  • Whether one spouse or both cheated on the other (committed adultery) or otherwise perpetrated "cruel treatment"
  • Any history of family or domestic violence

Our family law attorneys are adept at discovering financial details, exposing facts in our clients' favor and negotiating or litigating skillfully to protect their financial interests.

How Can We Protect Your Business Interests and Other Complex Assets?

If you have built a successful career, business or professional practice, the prospect of dividing assets in divorce is of great concern. If your time, toil, effort and other contributions have been instrumental in your spouse's success, your property settlement should reflect that reality.

Complex property division is a core strength for our family law practice. We advise and represent business owners, well-compensated professionals and their spouses every day. If protecting your interests requires thorough financial analysis, accurate asset valuation, forensic accounting or other specialized steps, your case will be in strong, capable hands at Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C.

Are You Struggling With Issues Related to Military Service and Benefits?

Active-duty military personnel must sometimes confront divorce and other serious family law challenges while stationed far away. If you or your spouse served in the military and earned a pension, it is critical to work with a lawyer who has hands-on, in-depth knowledge of your rights to benefits and the steps necessary to solidify those rights.

Our firm is ideally positioned and equipped to represent military service members and military spouses in divorce. Notably, Simon W. "Trey" Hendershot III is a former infantry and JAG officer with firsthand knowledge of how military pay and benefits work, as well as many needs and burdens that military personnel face.

We can communicate with you effectively anywhere in the world via Skype videoconference, email and other media. You can depend on our valuable insight into concerns specific to military divorce - and on our fierce dedication to winning the best possible outcomes for you.

Do You Want to Settle Your Divorce as Amicably as Possible?

There are many excellent reasons to negotiate constructively and avoid full-blown divorce litigation. Not only do costs mount quickly in an intensely disputed case, but the process is painful for everyone involved, including children. Settling family matters out of court keeps control of key decisions within your family, rather than putting them before a judge. The best way to settle a family law matter - whether out of court or before a judge - is thorough preparation. Being more prepared than the other side puts you in the best position.

Entering mediation is often an excellent way to resolve disputed issues and pave the way for a settlement. You may also be interested in a collaborative law approach to your divorce, which can work well for couples who communicate respectfully and are genuinely open to compromise. Our lawyers vigorously support your desire to settle your case - but we also have the strength in litigation to save you from settling for unjust results. In any case, the best results, whether at trial or in settlement, come from rigorous preparation.

Are You a Victim of Fraud or Abuse at the Hands of Your Spouse?

Few would argue with the statement that trust is indispensable in a marriage. Unfortunately, the trust you once had in your spouse may have been destroyed due to lies about finances, domestic abuse or other reasons. Our attorneys are skilled in tracking money through multiple complex transactions. We have unique methods of locating hidden assets and are familiar with issues specific to offshore accounts and other assets held outside the United States.

If your spouse is hiding assets, concealing income or trying to take any other form of unfair advantage in your divorce, we will investigate and prove exactly that. He or she may have committed marital fraud. Just as serious are actions Texas attorneys call marital torts, which include violence and abuse as well as financial wrongdoing. We will demand full financial disclosure and fight for all that you deserve.

Put a Game-Changing Legal Team to Work for You

At Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C., we will manage your case effectively and in a detail-focused manner, keeping you informed every step of the way. We have the proven ability to make the big play and secure winning outcomes.

Often, changing the game amounts to working out custody arrangements that give you more time with your children than you thought possible given the demands of your career. It might mean negotiating the optimal property settlement to keep your business intact and profitable. It might mean successful defense of a prenuptial agreement - or a successful motion to have it thrown out.

Our firm's family law section meets weekly to discuss the status of every case in progress, along with viable steps for moving it forward and improving our clients' positions. These sessions bring excellent legal minds and diverse human perspectives together to find creative solutions to complex problems.

"We don't have a big-firm mentality. While I work hard for clients at the courthouse, I make it my job to be accessible to you. When you call, I answer the phone or call you back as soon as possible. It's the least you should expect from your lawyer."-Lennea M. Cannon, partner in charge of our family law section

For direct, caring attention to your family law needs and concerns, please call 866-398-1856or contact us online and request an initial consultation.